This campaign is run on donations and therefore we would like your support. Without your donations, this campaign would not be possible. All donations made to the "Save Bridlington Hospital "campaign are received with thanks and go directly to maintaining a better future for our hospital.

Receipts and letters are issued to all donators.

Thank you to all.

Accounts are kept and a bank account is currently up and running, for details, ring (01262) 671926.

We are constantly looking for a Sponsor, if any company would like to sponsor the: Save Bridlington Hospital (Campaign) please get in touch with us, in return, we will advertise your company, etc on our website, this very important issue needs a sponsor, so come on board, pledge your support.


Bridlington Hospital "League of Friends"

Closing Bridlington hospital's Maternity Unit would be a kick in the teeth for the dedicated volunteers who have bought thousands of pounds worth of equipment.

The hard-working hospital League of Friends has spent more than £400,000 since the Bessingby Road site opened in the late 1980s.

But the league said the seemingly constant threat to services in Bridlington was affecting and harming its fund-raising efforts, and also morale.
The Leagues latest donation was an £8,000 Resuscitaire Machine, which can detect problems almost immediately after a baby is born, the machine was handed over in January 2003.

Also handed over was a brand new piece of life-saving equipment, a £6,000 Defibrillator & Cardiac Monitor.

What would Bridlington Hospital do without these dedicated people and members of the League of Friends, we commend you for your consistent hard work, thank you.

They work so hard while a cloud hangs over our hospital, we are now waiting for the Minor Injuries Unit to open 24 hours, also what the Scarborough Trust intend to do with the Maternity services, the last statement from the Trust was they would save £500,000 a year by cutting maternity services and taking them to Scarborough, if this happens expectant mothers could give birth in Ambulances, at the road-side or some other place? Not a rosy future for a new baby & mother.

The Scarborough Trust is hell bent on saving money so we can expect anything in the not too distant future, the future of Bridlington hospital looks glum, we will fight on and hope a miracle happens.

Photo - Paul Atkinson
Members of: Save/Support Bridlington Hospital Campaign Group - Present a Cheque for £100.00 to the Community Mini-bus Appeal:

Photo - Simon Kench
Members of: Save/Support Bridlington Hospital Campaign Group - Present a Cheque & Cash for £250.00+ approx to the Macmillan Cancercare Unit for Patient care at Bridlington Hospital 

Bridlington Hospital’s “League of Friends” does it again! There hard work and dedication to providing equipment for Bridlington Hospital goes on; the fund-raising group have donated the following equipment recently in December 2003

A £14,000 Argon Plasma Coagulator to Shepard Unit for them to use in surgery and endoscopy procedures

A £6,000 Heavy Duty Treadmill to the Physiotherapy Unit and a £2,500 Surgical Head light for the Out-patients Unit

Through the year of 2003 many other items have been presented from the League of Friends Group; we salute them one and all; thank you.

Photo - Paul Atkinson
Member of: Save/Support Bridlington Hospital Campaign Group - Present a Cheque for £550.00 to the Bridlington Hospital League of Friends


New Years "GIFT" Bridlington-Hospital Lawrence Suite; Stroke Unit
New Years "GIFT" Bridlington-Hospital Lawrence Suite; Stroke Unit Members of the Save/Support Bridlington Hospital Campaign Group

Presented a: SECA958 Electronic Chair Scale with B.M.I. Function, Four Wheels, Arm & Foot Rests (see photo attached) To the: Lawrence Suite at Bridlington Hospital on Tuesday 25th January 2005 for Stroke victims & disabled patients use.

It was accepted by: Dr Abu Nasar & staff of the Lawrence Suite who said a big thank you; it was just what the unit wanted and would be put to use immediately; at a cost of £733.00p the money was raised by way of donation from the people of Bridlington whilst the; Save/Support Bridlington Hospital Campaign Group were campaigning for a better NHS.

We the Save/Support Bridlington Hospital Campaign Group would sincerely like to thank everyone who contributed by way of donations and Raffle prizes............your money and gifts may well save lives?

Kindest regards Mick Pilling & Group
More Vital Equipment for Bridlington Hospital (Wards) Donated
The Save/Support Bridlington Hospital Campaign Group; have come-up trumps once more by supplying 6 more Upper-Arm Blood Pressure Monitoring Units @ a cost of approx £100.00 each; this vital life-saving equipment was donated to Kent Ward & Thornton Ward.

Pictured are: Nurses from Kent & Thornton Wards; Bridlington Mayoress, Councillor Mrs Christine Allerston with Husband Raymond; members of the: Save/Support Bridlington Hospital Campaign Group; (Chairman) Mick Pilling, (Secretary) Dorothy Wood & Matthew Cheetham (Committee member).

Recently the group supplied the Bridlington Hospital (Lawrence Unit) with 8 of these Blood Pressure Monitoring Units; also the Lawrence unit received approx £65.00 worth of Tea, Coffee, Biscuits & other helpful things.

We as a group; always find donations made to us very useful in helping to run our Campaigning and buying hospital equipment and supplying needful things; if you have a few shillings spare you can always send it along to us?  

Thank you!

May 2006 - More Goodies for Bridlington Hospital Nurses from Mick Pilling & His Group

Here we have another selection of goodies for Bridlington Hospital Nurses; go-on have a drink on us, more donations from our kind Towns folk. We enjoy giving to the staff of Bridlington Hospital who make our lives so much better in hospital. Thank you to all concern.

Cheekey Monkey's Donate Money to Hospital Campaign

The Cheekey Monkey's based on the Pasture Lane Estate Bridlington pulled out all the stops over the school holidays; they did a Sponsored 10 mile Walk and held a Car Sale on the Fire Brigade Open Day; they raised a totle of £131.50p and donated it to the Save Bridlington Hospital Campaign Action Group; they are proud to have been able to help the Group who are fighting for there future to maintain all Hospital services at Bridlington Hospital; they believe health is paramount.

The Cheekey Monkey's are Chelsea Sowerby age 10; Jack Parkes age 12; Natasha Parkes age 10 and Mr Steve Gee, organiser; didn't they do well.... The Save Bridlington Hospital Campaign Action Group; would like to sincerely thank the Cheekey Monkey's for there dedication and hard work......THANK YOU CHEEKEY MONKEY'S

Donations are always welcome in this long hard fight Mick Pilling (Chairman)