Petition to be launched in Bridlington this week by Save Bridlington Hospital Campaign

Chairman Mick Pilling is totally disgusted with the Scarborough NHS Healthcare Trust who have taken NO NOTICE OF WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT; there choice is easy option that will save money; the Trust have stated that as soon as procedures are in place and all safety aspects covered they will pull the plug and remove the CMU & Acute Medical services from Bridlington to Scarborough, we as a campaign group cannot let this happen without a Petition in support of keeping these services for the future in Bridlington, the Petition which we hope will include every towns persons name far and wide...some 44,000.

We need this Petition then in all its glory to be presented to the Prime Minister Gordon Brown at No 10 Downing Street LONDON, (WE WILL DELIVER IN PERSON) with a veiw to prevent the removal of these vital services which are a lifeline to Bridlington and surrounding areas, the removal of the service would rip the heart & soul out of Bridlington, it would then mean an Ambulance rid to the nearest hospital, either Scarborough 22 miles, Hull 35 miles or York 32 miles with a heart attack patient....... we firmly beleive that patients could lose there lives in transit?

We are fighting for the retention of the Cardiac Monitoring Unit (CMU) & the Acute Medical Services and the Bridlington Hospital which is the lifeline to the people of Bridlington and district.  We need everyone to take part, this fight will be your last we must stand our ground to the bitter end, lets be proud of our hospital every one fought for this, its ours!

We the Save Bridlington Hospital Campaign Action Group along with UNITE the UNION have decided to come together on the is very important issue and work together.

We invite all groups; factories, shops, schools, businesses from all walks of life to take part in this PETITION "Power to the People" we must all work and pull together....

Pick up the Petitions from Mick Pilling Organiser....

Ring 01262 671926
E-mail: [email protected]
Write to: Mick Pilling
12, New Pasture Close,
East Yorkshire 
YO16 7NT

Please enclose a S/A/E stating how many petitions. Any donation to help with this campaign we would be gratefully received......


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Further News which will shock you!!

Dear Supporters... Saturday 11th January 08,  CMU at Bridlington was closed due to lack of staffing,  as a consequence (I have been told by one of our ambulance crews) there were 4 cardiac patients that needed to be taken to Scarborough .  Due to sickness there was only one nurse available to staff CMU.  This particular nurse was told to move (as well as two medical patients in her care) to Kent Ward due to lack of staff on that ward.  She has informed me that she has filled in an incident form.  Today, only one registered nurse on the unit.

I am informed that the forth coming vacancies have still not been advertised despite the letter sent to the chief executive in December 07.  I am sure that most will have kept you up to date with what sounds like a very desperate situation at Scarborough Hospital due to recent changes made within the trust.

Regards Mick Pilling