I've started a new Petition - the Travisty Bestowed on Bridlington Hospital is Ludicrus

I've started a New Petition - the Travisty bestowed on Bridlington Hospital is Ludicrus

The Petition is gathering a remarkable pace in the first week with people advancing on shops in there hundreds to sign this petition......

The plans to remove the Cardiac Monitoring Unit (CMU) of 6 beds & also the removel of 30 bed Acute Medical Services has prompted me to run another Petition, this Petition when collected will be taken to No10, Downing Street, London for the attention of Prime Minister; the Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown MP we will ask for his intervention in the removal of these vital services, to remove them to Scarborough by the Scarborough NHS Healthcare Trust will and could cause patients to die in transit as they are taken to hospitals as far away as Scarborough 22 miles, York 42 miles or Hull 30+ miles; patients need to be taken to the nearest hospital when suffering a heart attack or chest pains; we have a fully functional Cardiac Unit in Bridlington, the trust are hell bent on removing this to save money. If the CMU is to be removed as planned and stated then the Yorkshire Ambulance Service will have to provide additional Ambulances at a cost of £1.2m to £1.5 millions, this seem ludicrus, why not put this money into the Bridlington Hospital and saves lives!

This Petition I have introduced started Monday 21/01/2008 and will run until the 1st week in March 2008 this will give the whole town chance to take part and to voice their opinion.

A short time ago the Bridlington Town Council along with the Beverley Town Council gave the Scarborough NHS Healthcare Trust a complete Vote of NO CONFIDENCE; taking part were 63 Councillors; a Petition of no less than 22,500 signatures was presented to the Scarborough NHS Trust asking for no cuts to services along with letters for our town, this was all rejected by the Trust; a Protest march was held where 3,000 people took to the streets to object to the removal of the CMU and Acute services, the Trust did not attend?

Leading the Way: the Save Bridlington Hospital Campaign Action Group; This fight is also supported by the Health & Scrutiny Committee; Unite the Union & the Bridlington Free Press, Mayor of Bridlington Councillor Raymond Allerston and many, many other.

I would like to ask you Mr Knight MP to support this Petition with a letter we can use also will it be possible to have your photo taken signing the Petition at the Free Press, we need your support.......thank you.

We could do with The Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP leader of the Conservatives to support this Petition.....would you be so kind as to put it to your leader?

I would also like to arrange a meeting once more with you Mr Knight to discuss the problems at the Bridlington Hospital which have recently come to my attention.

Every shop, business, factory are taking part with this Petiton we have people going door to door, we need more helpers.....

Kindest regards Mick Pilling