There was a big problem at the Bridlington Hospital I can report?

This weekend there were no Porters working at the Hospital , no one to man the doors, the alarms, the lifts, change oxygen bottles, move beds etc also no security. The Trust were aware of this and did nothing?

Meaning that Nurses needing anything would have to do it themselves; there is normally a shortage of nursing staff at the hospital, the recruiting ban of nursing staff and porters over the last year is still in place?  Also the overtime ban is still taking effect. There should be 3 porters by day and 2 porters by night, the Trust have done very little to alleviate this problem over the last year.

We now find that Nurses working at the fated Bridlington hospital are looking further afield for jobs with a secure future, the Scarborough NHS Healthcare Trust cannot promise Nurses at Bridlington Job Security.

The Troubled (CMU) Cardiac Monitoring Unit is reported to have full beds every day, this I have seen with my own eyes.......

We firmly believe; The Scarborough NHS Trust are deliberately running down the hospital, making staff uncertain of there future so that when staff leave the Trust can then move in and use there....Health & Safety Rule to close the (CMU) this dirty trick as been played so many times by the Trust!

No thoughts are been given to the patients who so frequently use this (CMU) there are no contingency plans in place, just a week ago the (CMU) had to close because of a shortage of staff, only closed for a few hours it shows the problems that arise, catching the Trust with the pants down.

People I have spoken in volumes; they have commented on how the Holiday trade will be affected once the CMU as been removed for Bridlington to Scarborough, how it would affect people on holiday who suffer Heart Attack.

Bridlington is a town on the up, its population is rising daily, its plans for the future include the refurbishment of the SPA due to re-open very shortly, inviting thousands to its shows & general meetings; there are also plans for the harbour.

Building firms are building lots of complexes and homes, we see them being built in the Old Town, on the sea front, Hilderthorpe Road & Brett Street but to name a few.

I recently attended a meeting of the Trust & Board in December 2007, were the discussion of the CMU was on the table; when we had the consultation in 2006 there were 4 possible scenarios on the table, when we attended the meeting there were now 5 options; the Trust decided to plump for the 5th option the one that would remove the CMU from Bridlington along with the Acute Medical services.  This was done without warning it as angered the town of Bridlington and surrounding areas to the point of the Save Bridlington Hospital Campaign Action Group taking action, a petition is now in full swing and will run until the first week in March 2008....when the Petition as been collected and all the sheets are in, the Petition will than be sent to the Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown MP and then passed on to the Health Sec the Rt. Hon. Alan Johnson MP with a view of stopping this lunacy.

Kindest regards Mick Pilling