News-Flash.....News-Flash.....Petition 8,000+ in 1st week letter to Mr JohnsonMP invite to Brid!


To: All supporters of the Campaign to Retain Bridlington Hospital's CMU & Acute Medical Services.

I have today written a letter to The Rt. Hon. Alan Johnson MP (Health Sec) and other MP's I have asked that Mr. Johnson attend & visit Bridlington Hospital and also to accept the Petition now in full swing; I await his answer?

See the attached Letter.  in pdf format

The Petition in it's first week stands @ 8,000 plus signature, this is 1-5th of the Town; the Petition does not close until the end of February...... we have asked that the whole town take part also all surrounding areas.

We will be in the Promenades next week 9am to 3pm Monday & Friday and every Wednesday in Morrison's Supermarket collecting signature; the overwhelming support we are getting makes the fight worth while, listening to the many stories how the CMU has saved many lives in Bridlington, many have said they would not be here if it were not for the CMU and the wonderful staff who look after them.

We have volunteers going door to door, every shop, business and firm is taking part so the final count will not be known until end of Feb 08; we now have 20+ Doctors from 5 Surgeries on-board; 63 Councillors from all parties have given the Scarborough NHS Trust A VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE they do-not believe the CMU & acute should be removed from Bridlington.

The Petition is gathering momentum daily with more taking part We still need more Volunteers to do House to House to give everyone chance to voice there opinion; this petition will be the biggest ever.

Please note:   This is the town signing this petition......this is the Town standing up for the beleafs there are no holiday makers here yet so it is the town defending the CMU & Acute!!!

Kindest regards Mick Pilling Chairman....Donation welcome at all times to help run this Campaign!