Meeting with the Rt. Hon. Greg Knight MP

You may recall I had a planned meeting with Greg Knight MP on Friday @ the Library King St.

The meeting was very constructive, we talked about the adverse effect of removing the CMU & Acute Services what it would mean to the health of people with Heart problems etc, how the removal would affect the Hotels & Guest houses, shops and businesses, Greg took this on-board along with quite a lot of useful information I had supplied in defence of retaining the CMU & Acute services.  We also discussed how much new property was been built in Bridlington Flats and complexes for the elderly.

Greg is to investigate all the information given to him and will tackle the Trust in due course. An invitation was given to the Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley CBE MP - Profile - Conservative Party by Greg Knight.....Andrew as accepted the invitation with a view of coming to Bridlington to meet with my-self and our group, meet with Chief Executive Iain McInnes then a tour of the Bridlington Hospital with a Doctor, Greg, Myself & the Unite the Union (rep) he as requested this visit around the hospital will not have the company of Iain McInnes.  Dates and times will be arranged shortly.  If Shadow health sec can visit then why not Alan Johnson, does he not care? 

When Greg Knight and myself discussed the Petition now been run he was totally overwhelmed by the work and dedication the Save Bridlington Hospital Campaign as achieved we told Greg the petition now stood at approx 20,000 with yet a week+ to run he said brilliant, I will be making a statement to the Free Press shortly (Monday) or John Edwards can contact me.

All in all I was completely satisfied with our meeting knowing our MP is on the case and putting his full weight behind this Campaign.

I have also sent letters to:

The Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP (Leader of Conservative Party)
The Rt. Hon. Andrew Lansley CBE MP (Shadow Health Secretary) Conservative
The Rt. Hon. Norman Lamb MP (Shadow Health Secretary) Liberal Democrats
The Rt. Hon.  Nick Clegg MP (Leader of the Liberal Democrats) 

Kindest regards Mick Pilling