Urgent News Flash - CMU Bridlington Staff Levels are Critical

I have been informed today that it could be more than possible for the Cardiac Monitoring Unit (CMU) to go from Bridlington Hospital by the 1st May 2008

Although this is denied by Chief Executive Iain McInnes - Middle management say the reasons for this could be because of the present crisis of Expert Nursing Staff within the CMU

Staff in the CMU are now working at a Critical Level, which brings into play Health & Safety, this is something I have been quoting to the Trust for the last 12 months.

Staff shortages have ongoing for that last 18 months and nothing as been done, this is mismanagement at the highest level and as come about because the Trust have been more concerned about balancing the books.

I had a meeting with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service Monday 25th February 2008 I was told that the Ambulance service in Bridlington are finding it hard to keep up with daily demand.

If the CMU is moved then the Ambulance services will not be ready until 1st October 2008 because they have to recruit 15 staff; train them, commission 2 or 3 Ambulances and kit them out, Paul Mudd of YAS said this is the earliest they will be ready. If the CMU is moved now; then the proverbial will hit the fan....LIVES WILL BE LOST...MAKE NO MISTAKE....THE AMBULANCE SERVICE CANNOT COPE...in Bridlington

The CMU must not move

Mick Pilling if you want a statement please contact me