I have been informed by patients that the Car-Parking-Charges have now come into effect; the Scarborough NHS Trust are charging patients £1.00 for the first hour and £2.50 as we have always stated this is a licence to print money; they estimate is they make at least Half a Million a year, this goes to pay off debts.

More and more patients go to Scarborough Hospital for treatment etc, the cost of Fuel along with increase charges to park hits pensioners, the vulnerable and disabled, its time Parking Charges were abolished along with Scotland & Wales.

The land on which Bridlington Hospital stands on was given by the Town yet; the towns patients are still charged to park?

Along with Parking charges rising; Doctors, Nurses and other staff are to pay to go to work to park in hospital grounds; their charges will be deducted from there wage packet....this is totally against what the NHS is all about.

Mick Pilling reporting