Re visit by Shadow Health Minister...Huge success I would say

The Rt. Hon. Greg Knight MP
Re: Visit of The Shadow Health Minister,

The Rt. Hon. Andrew Lansley MP I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Mr. Knight for arranging the visit of Andrew; I found Mr Lansley very approachable and he took on-board everything that was said to him at the meeting; only good can come from this meeting as he understood what a crisis would be caused by the removal of the services.  The Bridlington Hospital is a very large part of the towns day to day function as many elderly need the services.  Because of the ludicrous decision to remove the 6 bed Cardiac Monitoring Unit & 30 bed Acute Medical Services. Mr Lansley could see first hand what it would mean to Bridlington & surrounding areas if these removals go ahead.

The Petition which now stands at an astronomical figure of 37,716 and will be going to No10, Downing St on 18th March 2008 it will be leaving Bridlington Station at approx 7.15am bound for Kings Cross London it will be meet by Kevin Coyne of Unite the Union < [email protected] >,  It will than travel across London to No10, Downing Street where it will be presented to The Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown MP (Prime Minister) approx 11.30/12.00noon in turn it will be passed on to the Rt. Hon. Alan Johnson MP (Health Minister) then our party consisting of (5) will the be heading for the Houses of Parliament to talk with minister....

Mick Pilling wrote to the Rt. Hon. Alan Johnson MP Health Minister for the State asking for him to visit Bridlington Hospital; he refused an invite saying his diary was full and saying it was a local issue???

One question unanswered, if the Shadow Health Minister can take time out of his busy schedule then why can't Alan Johnson spare his time?  When all is said and done he runs the NHS Health Service which celebrates 60 years this very year.

Mick Pilling