Complaint: Regarding  Disgusting  Hospital  Service NO Beds @ Scarborough

To: Mr Iain McInnes Chief Executive Scarborough Hospital NHS Healthcare Trust
From: Mr. Graham Baverstock
16, Kent Square,
West  Hill
East Yorkshire 
Tel: 01262 609235

Complaint: Regarding  Disgusting  Hospital  Service NO Beds @ Scarborough

Dear Mr  McInnes;  Plus To Whom it May Concern

Last night the 15th March2008 I saw an out of hours GP Doctor at Bridlington Hospital at 615pm and this was because I was very ill with a  high temperature of 38.6. I had been ill for a few days. However the Doctor tested my urine sample and informed me I needed to go into hospital for I.V antibiotics.

He then Proceeded to call the bed manager at Scarborough who then told the GP I was well know to the hospital  BLAH BLAH BLAH

I was told by the Doctor to go to the A&E at Scarborough Hospital,  Where I would have to wait for a bed which could be up to 4/5hrs or longer, this is what the bed manager confirmed to me, as well as there were no beds in Scarborough hospital what so ever  again; if I had gone to Scarborough by car then I would have got no help to get the wheelchair out of the car, no one to offer any assistance and if I had gone by ambulance they would not have taken the wheelchair and then I would have totally been at the mercy of you people at the hospital as I would have no independence at all and then if I was transferred back to Bridlington Hospital then how do I get home? I suppose as a man who cannot walk I would have had to walk on my head?

What I do find quite appalling is that ill people like me are being told to go to Scarborough when there are no beds and yet I want to know why I could not be treated in my local hospital in Bridlington and also why I am being  victimised by your Trust and denied medical care that I need; earlier this morning at 05.30am hours my temperature reached 41 and now at 10.45am my temperature is 38.

Yet I still have a serious infection in the kidney and bladder and as the out of hours doctor said I need  I.V Antibiotics and Hospital Admission now I am still at home and still very ill and not getting any treatment at all, and a course of antibiotics this would take at least 5 days so I would be in hospital for this period at least.

  Again I have been denied services I am not prepared as an ill man who has a very high temperature to travel and wait in A.E for maybe 4 or 5 hours or even longer why could I have not been treated in Bridlington Hospital.

I spoke with Mr Cartlidge at approx. 5.30am this morning only to be told by him he will pass it on; not much use when I need hospital interventions and treatment now  We are not talking about a cut finger we are talking about the potentiality of me losing a kidney all through the neglect of your hospital.

I ask is any attention paid to the disabled person and their needs is any help available to assist us?? and more so when I asked to speak with the on-call hospital manager guess what?  I am refused yet you told me they are available if needs be.

Oh, By the way from our conversation a few weeks ago I still have not got any response to my previous complaint despite you telling me a response would be forthcoming and now being genuinely ill with a very serious infection of the kidney; I am still refused treatment and support.

Hospitals are supposed to get people better not kill people off but clearly your Trust is trying to kill me off.

What are you going to do about the fact I still have the infection and high temperature and its only going to get worse if I do not get treatment am I to suffer yet again.

Would it have not been better for your Trust  to phone me when a bed was available rather than me hanging about in A&E for several hours picking up more germs and possible infections  it seems quite obvious your Trust is failing its patients and people and should I lose my kidney I will sue your Trust for every penny the Trust has it will be wilful negligence.

Now Mr McInnes do not take weeks deciding  what you are going to do because by then I could be dead due to this severe infection I have now and for the record some of your managers like the night co-coordinator and others like the bed manager need sacking; they totally lacking in helping people like me who are seriously disabled why did the bed manager not send me to Bridlington hospital?

I look forward to an early reply but in the meantime I remain very unwell.

This is an open letter to all media; all press; all councillors and to everyone who wants a copy.

All I will say how many people have to die before services are restored and we are care for humanly.

This letter was sent to me Mick Pilling, fighting for a fairer NHS for all; from Mr. Graham Baverstock who remains very ill. This is not the first case I have come across; too many patients are been told to wait for a bed and left in A&E at Scarborough Hospital...this practise must cease forthwith its the patient who suffers from stress and anxiety and more to the point where is the that care that must be taken with the ill?

With this in mind how on earth can the Scarborough NHS trust even think of transferring Cardiac Monitoring Unit (CMU) & Acute Medical services, it is quite obvious the Scarborough Hospital cannot cope; no beds; patients on trolleys this is the 21st Century..... I sincerely hope the Press and Media take up this case and ask the right questions

Mick Pilling chairman Save Bridlington Hospital Campaign Action Group