Car park charges have increased at Bridlington Hospital...... NO ONE WAS NOTIFIED!!

The Trust please themselves

New Charges

£1.00 for the 1st hour
£2.50 for 1 to 4 hours
£5.00 for over 4 hours

Achives 2007 scroll down for full details

06/11/07 - Car Parking Public Trust Board Mtg

The current rate for patients are

£1.00 up to one hour,
£2.00 for 1-4 hours,
£4.00 for 4-6 hours
£6.00 for over 6 hours.

The proposal is to simplify this system and with effect from 1 November 2007, there will be three charges levied for patients and visitors.

The up to 1 hour rate of £1.00 will remain unchanged, 1 - 4 hours will attract a charge of £2.50 and over 4 hours £5.00. This will meet the PPI forum comment: Retain the one hour charge at £1 Whilst recognising the PPI Forum comment of 2 4 hour charge at £2 the proposal is to set the charge for up to 4 hours at £2.50 in line with common practice elsewhere. Whilst recognising the PPI Forum comment of Reduce the rate charged for parking after 6pm staff charges will apply at the same rates across the 24 hours, seven days per week; it would be incongruous to apply a different regime to patient and visitor parking.

Kindest regards Mick