Scarborough NHS Trust Advertises for 12 Accountant staff COST £357,775 per year Scandalous

Scandalous News!

Well, I am totally Gob Smacked & very shocked at the job advertisements made by the Scarborough & North East Yorkshire NHS Healthcare Trust.

They are advertising for Vacancies of no-less than 12 Accountancy Jobs for the Scarborough NHS Hospital Trust?

Total Cost per year from Tax Payers Monies £357,775 this cannot be accepted when Hospitals are short of Nurses, Care-assistants & Cleaners, Patients should come first! 

Bridlington Hospital is short of Nurses & Cleaners; Moral is at an all time low, wards are closed from time to time because of a shortage of staff; it has also been stated that by October 2008 we will lose the Cardiac Monitoring Unit of 6 Beds & also Acute Medical Services a ward of 30 beds Yet the Trust continue to throw money in the wrong place..... What are they doing with 12 accountant jobs?  Opening an accountant business, surely the Financial Director could do this job she is employed to do, on an estimated wage of £95,000+

Has a Campaign Group we are totally against all these accountant staff been employed!

See the attachment I have taken from the Trust Website......There is the Truth of were Tax payers monies are spent on White-collar workers and NOT the Front Line where it is needed. NO wonder the Germs & Bugs are ripe in our Hospitals.....MRSA & C.Diff ....rule the wards and KILL Patients....Employ staff who count, the once's on the front-line  Put staff on the front line first...give patients better care

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Mick Pilling Chairman