News Flash - Press Release, Save Bridlington Hospital Campaign are Outraged

From: Mick Pilling Chairman Save Bridlington Hospital Campaign Action Group;

I am disgusted with the Scarborough NHS Trust to run the Bridlington hospital so low of staff it has to close a full 28 bed ward.  Some patients are reported to have been moved to Scarborough to the Haldane ward, the old nightingale ward - a ward as been stated Not Fit for Purpose!

Further to yesterdays News Flash supplied by Mick Pilling leading the way to Save Bridlington Hospital services

The Kent Ward Bridlington Hospital is a 28 bed ward, it as now closed because of a crisis, staff levels are so low that the trust have shut this ward indefinitely,  it would take at least 16+ staff to reopen and bring it up to Health & Safety satisfaction

The Kent ward had a Diarrhoea & Vomiting bug on the ward but against all protocol patients were still moved?  This ward should have remained in quarantine until the Bug/Virus was safe.

Also closed is the Canteen in the evening and night.....shortage of staff, how do nurses get a hot drink or meals?  This is also appalling.

The Trust under Iain McInnes....He stated that there would be no ward closures!

The closure of the Kent Ward as come prematurely; it was due to be transferred by October 2008 along with the CMU to Scarborough we were informed.  Is this closure by stealth we ask?

All Junior Doctors are to be removed from Bridloington Hospital by 1st August 2008 because it was stated by the Yorkshire Deanery these Dr's were not receiving much training, how can they when most patients go to Scarborough?  This as left a bitter taste in the mouths of nurses as they fear for the health safety of patients as there will not be many Doctors at Bridlington for the future.

The Bridlington Hospital is in total Crisis, chaos & like a Circus, staff are at there wits ends and moral is at an all time low.

Health, Safety & Patient care should be first on any agenda

The Trust are failling in there responsiblities to Bridlington Hospital 

The Yorkshire Ambulance Service have been failing to respond within the given Government times.

Regards Mick Pilling