Hospital Appointments Cancelled at Bridlington Hospital??

Information Supplied by Mick Pilling chairman


I now firmly believe a Full Enquiry should be held for Mal-administration

I firmly believe that No Staff were advertised for by the Trust to work at Bridlington Hospital; the running down of staff at bridlington was part of the Trusts plan!

14/07/08 Hospital Appointments Cancelled at Bridlington Hospital??

Future to my Information of the 4th July 2008 I can now tell the Media that patients at bridlington Hospital are having there appointments cancelled due to a shortage of BEDS

One such person who called me is Mr. Ron Tyler of West Hill, Bridlington (Mobile) 07765630355 he was due to go into hospital to have his teeth out but was told your appointment is cancelled until further notice due to lack of bed space (Ward Closure) others who have phoned me with simular stories.

This is a clear cut case of complete mal-administration.

Those responsible should be brought to book

I firmly beleive that NO Advertising for staff for Bridlington as being made.

Please read my letter dated in MAY 2008 re: Offical Complaint

09/07/08 News re: Bridlington Hospital Ward Closure 4th July 2008

I can inform the Media that The KENT WARD at Bridlington hospital has now got all the curtains closed on the ward and the doors to this ward are locked and pad-locked...its future is at this moment in time UN-CERTAIN .

UNDER THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT 2000..... It is now 20 days



ORIGINALLY SENT:   Wed, 21 May 2008 08:09:56 +0100 (BST) From:

Mick Pilling Chairman: Save Bridlington Hospital Campaign Action Group

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SENT AGAIN: Wednesday; 20th May 2008 timed at 08.00am

SENT AGAIN: MONDAY 9th JUNE 2008 timed 09.30am

Official Complaint Re: Staffing at Bridlington Hospital


To: Chief Executive Iain McInnes Scarborough NHS Healthcare Trust

Dear Mr. McInnes,

I am totally unsatisfied and disgusted at the staffing levels at Bridlington Hospital ; I now would like to make an Official Complaint; over the last 18 months staffing levels at Bridlington have been very poor and on many occasions wards at Bridlington have been well under staffed, I refer to Thornton Ward, Kent Ward, the Cardiac Monitoring Unit & Johnson Ward.

With these Wards being under staffed surely Health & Safety has been compromised, staff are working at dangerously low levels were only patients can be the ones to suffer.

Nurses are also working with a cloud over there head as to when certain wards will close or be removed to Scarborough Hospital, also staff moral is at an all time low and as been so for many, many months.

Nurses standards, Health & Safety must be adhered to at all times, running wards understaffed can only lead to Patients not been fed at meal times, going to the toilet, late medication and basic every day jobs been over-looked, we cannot blame the nurses but the very trust who employs them.....over the last few months I am informed certain nurses have left due to stress and not been able to do there job to a standard to which they were highly trained to do. 

I would be happy if you could throw some light on the matters raised, this is not how the NHS was meant to run.....Hospitals should be fully staffed at all times including Bridlington, recruitment should be on-going and contingency plans should be in place at all times so there are not shortages of staff on any wards.

Running wards at Bridlington Hospital understaffed by as many as 3 and 4 must be classed as mal-practise running wards of 23 to 29 beds with only one staff on duty is ludicrous and plans must be put in place to see that this type of situation never happens again.

Health is Paramount , Patient care and safety should be the first priority, this is the road to recovery shortages of staff do-not lead to a fast and safe recovery.

Cleaners are also in short demand, cleaning must be on-going 24hrs a day to fight the super bugs and viruses which seem to be taking over hospitals, you cannot combat such dangerous bugs and viruses without the right amount of staffing levels.

The Trust must stop putting money before staff levels and care of patients.

I would ask you reply and respond to this letter of complaint at your soonest Mr. McInnes.

Sincere & kindest regards Mick Pilling chair of the above, fighting for the people of Bridlington and surrounding areas