NEWS-FLASH Maternity Services in Bridlington, Malton & Whitby to be moved to Scarborough by early 2009

From: Mick Pilling Chairman


The Health Secretary Alan Johnson has received the report from the Independent Reconfiguration Panel and he as stated the All Maternity Services be removed to Scarborough....Early in 2009

This includes Bridlington Hospital, Malton Hospital & Whitby Hospital these services will be removed as soon as Scarborough is ready.

This move comes as the SAVE BRIDLINGTON HOSPITAL CAMPAIGN ACTION GROUP fight for fairness within the NHS, the group run by Mick Pilling for nearly 6 years.

Petition and letters and evidence have fallen on deaf ears.

No more babies are to be born in East Yorkshire, all babies will now be born in Scarborough North Yorkshire..unless an home birth.

This news will anger many who have views, the NHS does not belong to the people any more. This is another nail in the coffin of Bridlington Hospital.

It was stated: Only 30 babies born in Bridlington Maternity in one year....utter rubbish

The goal posts were moved when Alison Guy was chief executive, she stated all 1st time births would go to Scarborough Maternity in case of complecation?  Then they said 2nd births could be had in Bridlington, then it was said all births would go to Scarborough unless a home birth, the Trust just moved the the goal-post as they saw fit.

Hence in the past we have seen 4 or 5 births in the back of an ambulance and in cars.

Report supplied by Mick Pilling.