NEWS FLASH - NEWS FLASH 25/07/08..the march is on!!!

The Save Bridlington Hospital Campaign

March/Protest/Rally will take place on:


It will leave Bridlington Business Centre on Bessingby way at 10.00am prompt.  It will then March to the hospital.

Police estimate 6,000+ or even more could be on this March and roads in and around Bridlington will have detours put in place.

The Weather forecast.......GOOD!

The condition......GOOD

We have distributed in excees of 30,000 leaflets to homes and businesses.

We appologise to Drivers for any inconvieniance caused whilst this March is in progress.

The reason for this March-Protest ;  The Scarborough NHS Trust plan to remove the Cardiac Monitoring Unit and Acute Medical Services by October 2008 ....The also plan to remove all Junior doctors to Scarborough by 1st of August 2008 ....They have closed a full ward of 28 beds (The Kent Ward) Trust reasons?  NO staff!   This is an appaling situation, no new nurses have been put into Bridlington Hospital this year; this is closure by  Stealth.

Come to the March show your disgust at how Bridlington Hospital is being run .... REMOVING THE CMU & ACUTE COULD AND WILL COST LIVES!

Mick Pilling March Organiser...........