Health secretary Alan Johnson is today opening the first GP health centre in Bradford England

The Hillside Bridge Health Care Centre, in Bradford, is one of 152 new GP health centres opening across England.

It will see patients from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week, as part of a government programme to increase access to primary care services.

Mr Johnson said: "Patients leading busy lives tell us that access to GP services is a real issue for them, and they want to be able to see a doctor at times that are convenient for them whether it is in the evenings, at weekends or when they are away from home.

"Health centres like this one and others opening around the country are an addition to and complement existing GP services, providing more capacity in primary care and offering patients greater choice and flexibility.

"I congratulate Local Care Direct - a social enterprise which successfully competed for this contract - on their determination to contribute towards tackling health inequalities in Bradford."

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