Letter from Bridlington Hospital Nurse - We need your views !!

I have received a letter from a member of staff at Bridlington Hospital, no wonder the hospital is having problems......The Trust continue to batter the hospital from all sides

The letter is not signed because the person fears for there job, rightly so. Had it been signed lid would be off and the Trust exposed

Your views would be interesting,

Regards Mick Pilling


A plea by a nurse working at Bridlington Hospital expressing worries about what is happening to services there is being taken to Westminster.
Mick Pilling, Chairman of the Save Bridlington Hospital Campaign Action Group has met Bridlington MP Greg Knight and local councillors to highlight the worries of the staff working at the hospital.

Mr Pilling met Mr Knight, together with councillor Geoff Pickering (Bridlington South ward) and Councillor Richard Harrap (Bridlington North ward) to draw these concerns about the future of the hospital to their attention.

The nurse, who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of management reprisals, says that services moving services to Scarborough Hospital is a mistake as they ‘do not have the facilities to cope.’

The nurse complains that there are now more managers and executives ‘than there has ever been;’ and says ‘other things have been cut like training,’ adding that this has left staff ‘feeling vulnerable……’

Mr Knight said that he ‘still has serious concerns about the hospital’ and told Mr Pilling he would draw the contents of the letter to the attention of Health Minister Andy Burnham MP and also would be sending a copy to the Shadow Health Minister Andrew Lansley MP.

Photo: Pictured are, left to right, are Councillors Richard Harrap and Geoff Pickering, Greg Knight MP and Mick Pilling