'Scarborough hospital a poor relation for funding' – MP COMMENT ON THIS STORY

Published Date: 29 January 2010

SCARBOROUGH Hospital has been defended by the town's MP following recent damning reports.

Robert Goodwill said he felt the hospital's problems were a consequence of funding issues which have led to Scarborough being treated as a "poor relation".

He said: "Scarborough always seems to get less funding than other places in Yorkshire and because Scarborough manages, they think it can manage with less.

"The amount of people in the town with alcohol and drug problems, which puts an additional burden on services, doesn't get adequate recognition."

Scarborough and North Yorkshire NHS Trust was branded the worst in the north of England and the second worst in the country in a recent report by independent organisation Dr Foster.

Parts of the hospital were also found to be "exceptionally dirty" in a separate Care Quality Commission report written in August, although a follow-up report two months later showed these issues had been put right.

Mr Goodwill, who was speaking at a meeting of local elderly people's forum The Voice, held at Westborough Methodist Church, said: "It seems that Scarborough has been a poor relation which is why we have seen the Dr Foster report with issues about cleanliness, which are related to the ages of some of the wards."

He added: "There has been an increase in the number of times people have to travel to places such as York, Hull and Middlesbrough because of the way services are being cut at Scarborough.

"There are problems with funding and there are problems with resources."

His comments come days after a leading councillor claimed bosses at the hospital were facing "a complete breakdown in confidence" and rock-bottom staff morale.

Cllr Jane Kenyon, a member of Scarborough Council's ruling cabinet, told members of the public at the Oasis Family Centre in Castle Road that hospital staff had approached her with major concerns.

Cllr Kenyon, a former non-executive member of the hospital's trust board, told hospital bosses they were in "total and utter denial" about the situation they were in.