Concern over mental health unit's future

THE future of a mental health inpatient unit in Bridlington could be in jeopardy after health officials revealed "substantial investment" would be needed to modernise it.

Buckrose Unit at Bridlington Hospital in Bessingby Road is run by Humber NHS Foundation Trust and mainly funded by NHS East Riding of Yorkshire, the county's primary care trust.

It has 12 adult beds and four alcohol detox beds.

The lease for the unit was due to expire next month, prompting concerns from patients and hospital campaigners.
But the trusts said the lease has now been renewed for a further six months and a decision over its future has not yet been made. A spokesman for the trusts said: "Humber NHS Foundation Trust continually strives to provide the best quality of services to the public and has been reviewing its estates to ensure they all meet the national requirement to provide single-sex accommodation, as well as value for money.

"In the case of Buckrose, we are aware this site only just meets the single-sex accommodation requirements and would require substantial investment to support modernisation."

The spokesman said any changes to the services at the unit would mean moving in to a consultation period. He said: "The Secretary of State has recently made it clear any plans for significant service change needs the support of GP commissioners, that the public, patients and local authorities need to be consulted, and that the changes should take account of and support patient choice."

Angela Fargie, 54, of Bridlington, was treated at the unit earlier this year. She said: "It will be appalling if the unit closes.

"The mental health unit here is the finest I have ever seen. If it closed, it would be 100 per cent detrimental to Bridlington."

As reported in the Mail, the Thornton Ward at Bridlington Hospital is to close "temporarily" after staff shortages prompted fears over patient safety.


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