Mick pilling resigns due to ill health

Dear friends and supporters;

It is with deep regret I have to resign and finish my campaigning, with the Save Bridlington Hospital Campaign Action Group, I have met many nice people from all walks of life, received awards from Un-song Hero's and the Bridlington Council, my health suffers and I must put that first, it as been a real pleasure to have served my town voluntary to fight for fairness in the Health Service for all, many thanks to all who have supported me, you are all hero's, I hope someone will come and take over and continue to fight for Bridlington Hospital.

Sincere regards Mick Pilling (chairman)
Save Bridlington Hospital Campaign Action Group


I Mick Pilling do hereby give Notice of Disbanding the Save Bridlington Hospital Campaign Action Group which I have run with my wife and friends since October 2002.

My health is not good suffering multiple health issues…..If anyone would like to take it over then please contact me. Telephone: 01262 671926 or email: [email protected] to discuss this but please don’t think it is easy, you will need time and dedication also you will need to raise funds to run this Campaign.

Read the story so far;

I feel now I am fighting a losing battle as Bridlington Hospital continues to be stripped of vital services. Over the past 8 years we have had 5 Chief Executives running Scarborough NHS Trust, I have dealt with 4; Alison Guy, Iain McInnis, Christine Green & present Richard Sunley, all have had their hand in removing vital services, they did their deed and moved on, we have lost (MIU) Minor Injuries Unit overnight 24/7 now we have 9am to 9pm daily with the removal of Nurse Practitioners and Doctors, what we had we have lost. Then we had the removal of the junior doctors from Bridlington, the Trust said they were not receiving adequate training, the Trust stated they had received a letter from the Deanery that Junior Doctors should be removed to Scarborough Hospital…this was a blatant lie which was proved.

We then had the removal of the Maternity Services from Bridlington to the disgust of many; the Trust stating mother and baby would be safer a Scarborough; what a load of twaddle, the Trust wanted to save money. We then had the removal to Scarborough of the (CMU) Cardiac Monitoring Unit of 6 beds and staff which was vital to our aging town’s residents. We were then told the two surgical wards of Thornton and Kent at Bridlington Hospital would also be removed to Scarborough each ward contains 28 beds.

In 2008 the Buckrose ward of mental Health was removed, management from Hull Mental health came to Bridlington Hospital locked up the ward and told staff they would be sorted out at a later date; the mental health remaining is Waters Ward was due to close in September 2010 but at the last minute was given a 6 month reprieve, the health issue will now go to consultation with the Health Trust saying it will take vast amounts of money to bring it into line with other units, we know where this is leading too, complete closure of Mental Health in Bridlington which will be then taken to Castle-hill Cottingley.

What do we have at Bridlington Hospital McMillan Cancer Care & the Renal Unit run by other parties, we then have day surgery which as an over-night ward, we then have a weekly appointment system were patients come to see a specialist and then have their operation at another hospital i.e. Scarborough, Hull or York.

What we have campaigned for in the last 8 years have just been taken away without the town of Bridlington having any say; the 2 marches which were held one of 3,000 and the last one of 8,000 which saw the town come out in force to protect vital services was just frowned on by the Trust, the Petitions which number 22,000 which was given to the Scarborough NHS Trust against the removal of services was also frowned upon; a further petition of over 40,000 signatures collected in a few weeks was taken to No 10, Downing Street, London and given to the Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Tony Blair MP it was then passed on the then Health Minister, what became of the petition?

The Labour party lost the general elections after giving the Health service a free hand to cut services and save millions ££ and then the Conservatives won the elections. Previously before winning the election the Rt. Hon. Andrew Lansley MP (conservative) made a visit to the Bridlington Hospital to see firsthand what a beautiful hospital it was and what it contained, Mr. Lansley was invited by our very own MP Greg Knight both of who signed the petition that went to Downing St against the cuts to services, Mr. Lansley stated when I am the health minister after we win the elections I will make it my priority to reverse the cuts made here at Bridlington; we are some months on and nothing has been done? We have seen more services removed; now we find Mr. Lansley will revisit the Bridlington Hospital later this year? But we now ask, to put Bridlington Hospital back to normal it will take, millions of ££’s and he will need to find;
at least 16 nurses per ward to re-open surgical wards x 2 closed, he will need 8 Nurse practitioners and a doctor to open MIU 24/7 regards to the maternity he will need to recruit a full complement of midwives etc, for the CMU he will need to recruit specialists in that field plus a cardiac doctor for the 6 bed ward; we previously had all these wards running; Mr. Lansley; what a tall order?

Bridlington Ambulance Service (YAS)

I have had regular 3 monthly meetings with the (YAS) at Bridlington dept, I am satisfied the Ambulance service are coping fine with extra Ambulances and rapid Response Cars I feel the people of Bridlington are having their needs met. Thank you to the managers for the support.

Sincere regards Mick Pilling.