Bridlington Hospitals 2 Theatres CLOSED

As from today Thursday 9th November 2010 Bridlington Hospitals 2 Theatres CLOSED

The reason....its due to mis-mangement work not completed

Here is another nail in the coffin of our hospital, it comes before the planned visit by the Health Minister The Rt. Hon. Andrew Lansley on the 16th December 2010; it seems that Scarborough Hospital are trying to make sure that the hospital never gets back to fruitition, the more services you remove the harder to replace.

Staff are been told right now that the (2) theatres are now closed, staff will then be directed to Scarborough or given jobs at Bridlington.

It now means that the 10 a day operations possibly 50 a week will not be carried out at Bridlington will be lost pushing up waiting lists, I wonder how many will lose out??

Sincere regards Mick keeping you up-to-date with hospital issues